Hi! I’m Rob – the founder of Let Me In.

The Problem

I used to get locked out a lot. In 2017, I was living in a flat-share with two friends, on the outskirts of London. In the morning rush I’d always leave without my door keys. Normally, not a problem – my housemates and I got home at similar times and there was always someone to let me in. 

Until, one Friday. I was home late from work, tapped my pockets and realised I’d forgotten my keys – again. My housemates were out of town until Sunday. £200 in locksmith costs later and I was in again, vowing to never forget my keys. 

A few months later, I told my housemates I was flying the nest to live on my own. Their response: 

“How long do you think until you’re locked out again?” 

It got me thinking

‘I could get a lockbox to store my keys’ I thought. This idea quickly hit the skids as I realised I don’t own the outside of my building. So, no drilling allowed. 

‘I could ask my locksmith to store them for me.’ Again, nope. Not their business model apparently. I suppose that made sense, their business relies on people not having their keys available. 

‘I could find a professional keyholder?’ Sure, if I wanted to pay £365 a year with another £80 on top for every. Single. Call out. 

‘I could leave a spare set with my family?’ A great idea – if my family weren’t over an hour away by car. Not hugely practical when living in London. 

‘I could leave a spare set with my new neighbours?’ I didn’t really know my neighbours and couldn’t always rely on them being home/awake/friendly when I’m locked out at 3am. 

So I had a better idea 

Start my own low-cost, always available and always local keyholding service. We’ve partnered with a company called KeyNest, who manage keys for small local businesses and hand over keys on behalf of Airbnb hosts. 

There are around 2500 neighbourhood KeyNests all over Europe, with their partnership we’ve been able to keep the costs low for our customers. 

So with Let Me In, your keys are stored securely with a local shop, available 24/7. No more getting locked out and no more worrying about your spare set. 

I set this business up to benefit people like me but we also want to use it to give back 

We’ll be teaming up with local charities to tackle homelessness in London, so you know along with your keys being put to good use – your money is too.

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